What we believe

We believe that the first and most important rule in any investigation is respect for the spirit(s). We do not believe in provoking, baiting or pushing the spirit(s). No matter what situation we walk into, we go into it with an open mind and optimistically skeptical.

We believe a spirit can be present in a home, yet not "present" itself.  It may go into what we call a dormant state during an investigation.  Maybe it wants to watch us and not interact. Or, it may simply not be active during an investigation. Can we try to coax them to communicate with us?  Sure.  That's part of the investigation.  Does that mean they will?  No.  It's hit and miss.  Our job is to first attempt to find a natural reason for the reported activity. We realize that just because we may find no evidence, doesn't mean the location has no activity.   

We believe that a high percentage of unexplained occurrences can be attributed to environmental factors and/or natural occurrences.  Understandably, opinions vary on what that percentage is, because nobody knows and nobody ever will know.  

We believe that the mind can really fool us.  You can hear things and the next thing you know, not only your mind, but your eyes start playing tricks on you. It's very easy to get worked up over nothing. If anyone stares into darkness long enough, they will eventually end up seeing something:  Their imagination.

We believe that if someone died a good person, they will remain so in spirit form. Likewise, if someone died a bad person.

We believe that everybody has their own way of doing things, with regard to investigations. Different teams have different protocols.  Realizing there are universal guidelines and techniques for a proper investigation, we choose to follow those.  However, we respect all of those in this field who, like us, want not only to continuously learn on this journey, but want to help those who put their trust in us as well.  We are all in this together.

We believe in Heaven and we know that Jesus is the Son of God. We also believe in hell and demons.  It is therefore our position to not ever intentionally take a case where demonic and or malevolent activity may be present. We do not deal with dirty spirits. 

Do we believe that good can overcome evil? Yes. With God, anything is possible.