To the homeowner

As the homeowner, you should feel comfortable with the people you have chosen to investigate your home.  No matter what team you go with, be sure it's someone who answers your questions, communicates with you and replies to all of your e-mails, takes time to explain what will transpire and is always available.  If these basic expectations are not met, it's ok to part company and find another team more suitable to your needs.  Any good, reputable paranormal team will be happy to recommend someone else, should you request it.  We all work together and understand that "one size does not fit all."  

While you may be experiencing something you think is paranormal, our first goal is to try to debunk that.  We put the carriage ahead of the horse, if we don't. 

To find a team in your area, go to our Find other teams page and click on Paranormal Societies.  You should always check out more than one group, when looking for a team to come into your home.  Paranormal Societies is an excellent resource, because they list nationwide, as well as international paranormal teams. 

Our safety and colleagues: 

It can be difficult to conduct a paranormal investigation with just two individuals.  Additional equipment equals more opportunity to catch any possible evidence, and a more thorough investigation can be done when there is a small group.  Safety is also an issue; and for these reasons, we may ask some of our close colleagues who we have worked extensively with in the paranormal field, to accompany us on an investigation.  Credit will be given, when this is the case.  

What to look for:

If you have only experienced one instance or had a situation where you felt something paranormal might be taking place, it is very possible that it could be a natural occurrence.  Take notes on what you are experiencing.  Be as specific and detailed as possible. Note the time, date, day, exactly what happened, who was there, who was affected, how were they affected, how long the activity lasts.  Did you notice any odors? Any cold spots or fluctuation of temperatures? If noise is indicated in a certain area of a room; are there any vents, loose flooring, or plumbing in that area?  Is there an attic that runs over the room in question? Any recent remodeling?  Any antiques or even new items brought into the home recently? Don't jump the gun and assume it's paranormal in nature.  It is G.H.O.S.T.S. of Raleigh opinion that true paranormal activity is rare, but we acknowledge that it does happen.

Contacting other teams ~ what you should expect:

Whether you go with G.H.O.S.T.S. of Raleigh or another team, you should expect a prompt reply.  Always contact more than one team, because this will greatly increase your chances of getting a response.   

Please see our FAQ page, for more information.