Assessment process

G.H.O.S.T.S. of Raleigh is specifically interested in doing home investigations.  If you feel that you are experiencing paranormal activity, please contact us.   

There are a few steps prior to the actual investigation that must take place first.  This is to ensure that we do not waste our time or yours.  Our assessment is as follows:

1).  Initial communication, via e-mail, by you.  Provided you are a good communicator and actively participate in e-mail conversation, a phone interview will be scheduled.

2).  Phone interview.  We will be asking you a number of questions from our Preliminary Investigation Questionnaire.  This can be a lengthy process, as there are a lot of questions and we will be asking you to elaborate.  If you prefer, we can snail-mail or e-mail the questionnaire.  Whichever is more convenient for you.

3).  Reviewing the PIQ.  The information gathered from the phone interview will be looked over by us.  If an investigation is planned, we will be mailing you two forms:  Two Consent To Investigate forms (one copy and one original), and What To Expect At The Investigation form.  You will sign and date the original Consent To Investigate form and keep the copy for your records. We will get the original from you when we come.

4).  Investigation.  We will plan a date and time that is mutually convenient for everyone.  While we prefer to come when activity is most prevalent, we realize that is not always possible.     

Please be advised, we have a good eye, and in order to weed out potential fake or cold leads and to determine if your situation warrants an investigation, the above steps must take place.  

The phone interview is lengthy and will take anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour.  When this takes place, please make sure you will have no interruptions.  We will do the same on our end. 

If you would like to check out more paranormal teams in your area, go to our Find other teams page and click on Paranormal Societies.  We always recommend getting more than one opinion.  There are several reasons for this: No two teams are alike.  Some may employ different techniques, some may have different equipment, and some may have different protocols or methods.  It's also possible that a spirit or ghost may be more receptive to one person or team.  Having more than one team come in, can yield better results and that could mean answers for you.

We do weekend studies at no charge, and everything is confidential.  Serious inquiries only.