About us

We are a husband and wife team who, for the past several years, have enjoyed our paranormal hunts with other like minded people.  We have had the opportunity to go on many overnight investigations and have always walked away with a hunger for more.  A few of our overnight investigations include:  Charleston SC Old Jail, Point Lookout Lighthouse, Scotland, MD, The Green Park Inn, Blowing Rock, NC, and the Battleship NC, Wilmington.

Additionally, with others, we have also visited battlegrounds, graveyards, motels, a restaurant, a theater, an Inn, an office, a Plantation, a Bed & Breakfast, an antique store, and the like.

We have learned so much, but realize there is always more to learn, and with every opportunity comes the chance to improve our skills.  

There are so many paranormal investigative teams out there now.  We all choose what type of equipment we want to use, and we all have different ways of investigating.  There is no "right or wrong" in terms of the type of equipment used, as long as it is used in a responsible and sincere manner.  There are probably as many opinions, theories and definitions of everything paranormal, as there are stars in the sky!  With that in mind; those of us who are dedicated to this field, need to remember to sail our own boat, our own way and encourage others do so, as well.    

Our team does not deal in any way with Ouija boards, Tarot cards or crystal balls.  We have never used, and will never use these items in an investigation.

Our primary interest is residential investigations.  

Our personal experiences:

Beth Wilson:

I have always had an interest in the paranormal, though it has peaked and wavered through the years.  I have had several personal experiences, and I knew what I heard, saw and felt, were real. 

I am optimistically skeptical, as far as investigating goes.  I consider myself a hard sell because there are so many variables in this field.  You have to be very careful, because true paranormal activity, is the exception and not the rule.  

When I was a very young child, there were some occasions where I would tell my parents that a pet had died.  They would find the pet and show me that it was fine.  A short time later, the pet would die.  According to my mother, when I was about three or four years old, we had a cat named Samantha.  While Samantha was sitting on my mothers lap one day, I told my mother Samantha was dead.  Mother pointed out to me that Samantha was fine.  Two days later, Samantha died. This happened more than once with pets.  My parents were told to ignore this, not to encourage it, and it would go away.  It finally did.  Could these occurrences  be attributed to coincidence?  Absolutely.  Several times over?  Possibly. The only thing we know for sure is these things happened.  Very young children seem to have experiences similar to this nature, so it's not that unusual or uncommon.  

In February 2009, my husband and I had been visiting the Battleship, NC.  It was a Saturday.  That afternoon, I got a really bad feeling that something horrible had happened.  I had no idea what, but it was a  feeling of total dread.  I told my husband.  We came home that evening and nothing had happened.  I still felt dread, but didn't know why.  The next day, Sunday, we got a call telling us that the day before, Saturday, my husbands sister and brother in law had been in a head on collision. She was life flighted to Duke and her husband was killed instantly.  She died a couple of years later.

I have had audio, visual and one very negative, dark experience. These experiences span from my childhood to adulthood. The audio was more of a half cry or half yell.  I knew it was a deceased relative, by name.  I was in my teens at the time. 

The visual, an apparition, was a man wearing a hat.  I had seen him at the barn, standing in the breeze way, in front of the office.  I was stunned when I saw him and remember just staring.  I was later told he was the deceased previous owner of the horse farm, Mr. Roger's, and that he always wore a hat.  I was around twelve years old.  In 2015, I saw the apparition of what was a man, standing by our bed on my husbands side.

The negative experience was terrifying.  I was laying down (this was at night) and something blanketed me.  I could tell immediately that it was a very dark force.  I was unable to move or get up.  I tried and though I was never touched physically, the energy was so strong, I literally could not move. I felt like I was emotionally paralyzed, and it reverberated through my body. It felt as if my skin were covered in this energy.  It was as if an invisible field were holding me down.  I was unfortunately, very aware of what was going on.  My mind wanted to get up, but my body was unable.  I heard nothing, smelled nothing and felt nothing, physically.  This lasted several minutes and finally, it dissipated.  I got up and left the room. I was around twenty years old.

There is a rocking chair in my family that's been passed down. (see photos).  It had a history of rocking on it's own.  Back in the 70's, someone associated with Duke University Parapsychology Lab (now Rhine Research Center),  came to see the chair.  This was not a formal study but a brief, drop in visit.  The chair did not rock while he was there, and I have never seen the chair rock.  Someone very close to me did, and immediately threw clothes in it.  I've always been intrigued with this chair and find it fascinating, rocking or not. 

Don Wilson:

My husband lived in what he calls a "haunted house," when he was a boy.  While in his bedroom, he heard heavy chains dragging across the floor and his grandmother, in the kitchen directly below, heard the same thing, at the same time.   

When Don was 5 or 6 years old, he ran out in front of a car and got hit.  Laying in the street, not making any noises, sounds or yells of distress, due to being knocked out, his older brother was several blocks away and heard him yelling.  This is an example of what we would classify as an "audible crisis apparition"  as Don's brother did not see him, he heard him, and due to his being knocked out there was no way he could have heard him yelling.  Obviously Don does not remember his brother summoning help, as he was not conscious for a time.  Could someone else have been yelling, like an adult who witnessed the accident?  Sure.  But Don's older brother always insisted he heard Don yelling.        

Regardless of if a location does have activity, that doesn't guarantee any evidence can be collected. The activity could cease while we are there.  Or, whatever is there (if anything) could go into a "dormant state" and simply watch us.  It's not up to us as investigators, no matter how hard we try or how dedicated we are.  It's up to the spirits.  It is they who run the show, not us.