What are your credentials?

While I don’t hold a degree, a credential can also be someone’s background. From my early childhood on, like so many of us, I had quite a few experiences that ran the gamut from premonitions when I was very young, to seeing apparitions, to physically experiencing something very dark. Another important aspect to consider is desire and curiosity. These things made me want to find out more and to learn all I could.  I did so by reading books that were not necessarily popular, but books that I thought I would like. If you don’t find a book interesting, you’ll never finish it.  Family history was also a factor and I think that  had a bearing as well, on my journey into the paranormal.

Have you ever seen a ghost?

Since an apparition is considered a ghost, then my answer would be yes. I have only seen two apparitions. One, when I was 12 and the other was in 2015. Both were men.

What sets you apart from other paranormal teams?

I don’t know what sets G.H.O.S.T.S. of Raleigh apart from other paranormal teams, since I don’t have firsthand knowledge of how they operate. I feel that communication and honesty are incredibly important. While our focus is to first debunk, we are equally interested in educating the client. We pride ourselves on taking the time to explain what will transpire during the investigation. Likewise, we also try to answer questions to the best of our ability. And yes, there are some questions we simply can’t answer. When that is the case, we say so.

Do you charge anything?

No.  Our services are 100% free and we don't take donations.

How long has your group been around?

G.H.O.S.T.S. of Raleigh was founded in January, 2010.

How many members are in your group?

There are two of us.  My husband and myself.

What kind of equipment do you use?

Please see our Equipment page for more information.

Are you accepting new members / can I join your group?

No.  We prefer to keep our group limited to the two of us.  However, if you go to www.meetup.com and key in Paranormal groups, you may find something there.  Additionally, you may go to www.paranormalsocieties.com and find groups in your area.  Paranormal Societies is a comprehensive list of many Paranormal groups and that would be a great place to start, as well.

Can I join in on the investigation? 

G.H.O.S.T.S. of Raleigh feels that the homeowner should always have the opportunity to be included in the investigation process, from beginning to end. Meaning, from the initial walk through to the actual investigation itself. Should you decide to join in, ground rules will be covered. We welcome full participation in our investigation, as long as the clients are adults. This is your home we are investigating and therefore the option for you to join in should always be open, especially if the activity appears to be centered around you. Please keep in mind that not all teams allow client participation, and that's fine. Every team has their own way of conducting investigations. (To keep possible contamination to a minimum, no more than two adults should accompany the team).

When can the investigation be done?

While an investigation can be done during the day, It is typically whenever is more convenient for the homeowner, and if activity is specific to a certain time of day or night. The latter should have more bearing though.

Do I have to leave my house when you investigate?

No. You may be there the entire time.

Do you handle cases where a demon may be involved?

No.  We do not.  I call these "dirty spirits" and they are best handled by those who specialize in demonic activity. 

Why do you have so few investigations listed?

If we took every e-mail inquiry we got, we would probably have a ton of investigations listed, but that isn't how we roll.  We aren't after a number.  Our primary focus is doing a good and thorough job on each investigation.  Some inquiries we receive, we simply are not interested in pursuing.  We screen carefully and only take cases that we feel are a good fit for us, as well as the potential client.   While our policy is to always respond to every e-mail inquiry, we don't take every one we get.   

How long does an investigation take?

It can vary, but typically it's between 3 and 4 hours.  (Not including set up and tear down of equipment). 

Do you do cleansings?

No.  We do not.  You can do a cleansing yourself or have someone who specializes in that, come in.  Google the term smudging ritual. 

I rent.  Do I have to get permission from my landlord for you to come do an investigation:

If you rent a home, you absolutely must get written permission from the landlord.  If you rent an apartment, you do not have to get written permission.  The difference is, a home is typically owned by an individual and an apartment is owned by a corporation or a group.  Also keep in mind, all adults who live in the residence, must be in 100% agreement, on having an investigation done.

My husband doesn't believe in ghosts and is against having someone come in and do an investigation.  Would you consider coming, if he were out of town?

No.  We would not.  All adult parties who share the dwelling, must be in full agreement about having us come in.  That would not be fair to the individual who is not on board and would be very unprofessional, underhanded and sneaky, on our part.